By Lindsay Roberts

My mother-in-law, Evelyn Roberts, had a saying I will always remember. She said God talked to her in the everydayness of life. She came to this revelation after talking with the Lord about how her husband, Oral, got to go all over the world in ministry while she stayed home. You see, she always wanted to be a missionary, yet Oral was the one who got to travel.

The Lord said to her, “No, Evelyn, you don’t go like Oral goes, but I will speak to you in the everydayness of life. And you will take what I say into your day-to-day activities.”

That word set Evelyn free! She would take the Gospel and her faith to the grocery store. She would take it to the front door, the telephone, and the post office. She became a little missionary in her community and never stopped taking the Gospel everywhere she went.

I believe we all have a place to be sent. It may be to a family member or a neighbor. We can take the Gospel into the local hospital, our apartment building or street, or wherever God tells us to go.

Part of our Greater Works Campaign includes helping believers to take the Gospel into their communities. We want to share the same materials with you that we are sharing with ministers in undeveloped nations through our Greater Works tablet.

The Oral Roberts Ministries started in 1947, and over the years, Oral created an amazing volume of books, Bible commentaries, sermons, teaching notes, and so much more.  And before he went home to be with the Lord, he told Richard and me to get as much of these resources as possible into the hands of people, to get the Gospel around the world.

As I began to look at everything Oral, Evelyn, Richard and I created over the years, I realized we couldn’t keep it just to ourselves. These resources are so powerful in the Word! They contain biblical teachings that can continue to set people free until the Lord comes.

Sometimes I’m on television, sometimes I’m at home, sometimes I’m at the grocery store, and sometimes I’m in another country. So why would I want to talk about the Greater Works in your everyday life? Because I feel that it is not about where we go or what we do. I believe it’s about obedience. It all comes down to obeying God in the big things, the small things, and the everydayness of life.

I see people who are in need of miracles and believe that God wants believers in some way to be His hand and His heart extended to reach others in need in the everydayness of their life. And just as I feel so passionate about this, I want you to read what happened when an Oral Roberts Ministries Partner named Virginia, in the everydayness of her life, took these biblical teachings and how God led her to minister in the everydayness of her life.

I believe God is no respecter of persons and what happened to Virginia can happen to anyone who is willing to be led by God.

Compelled by the Holy Spirit

“I heard a radio commercial advertising ‘The Healing Ministry of Jesus,’ a class at the Richard Roberts School of Miracles. I’m so thankful I attended the class. As I studied, I was compelled by the Holy Spirit to minister to people in various ways that I had not done previously.

An elderly lady named Nellie lived in our building, and she was not a Christian. I had the opportunity to lead her to Christ, and she prayed the sinner’s prayer with me.”

–Virginia Covington, Oklahoma


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