From the archives of Evelyn Roberts

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said. — Matthew 4-19 NIV

Years ago I attended a retreat, and during the devotions-in-motion portion, our leader asked us to find a partner, close our eyes, and let our partner lead us around the room while we sang, “Where He Leads Me I Will Follow.”

My partner was a dear lady who began to lead me around the room as I sang. I was following with my eyes tightly closed when I began to realize that the room was full of people who were doing the same thing we were doing. Fear gripped me. I thought, What if I run into someone or trip over someone’s foot? Then it hit me. Sometimes I doubt Jesus’ leading in the same way. I prayed, “Lord, do I fear following You this much? Do I not trust You to lead me the right way?

“Where He leads me, I will follow. I’ll go with Him all the way,” came wafting across the room. Tears were streaming down my face by that time. I was having my own battle right in the midst of the service. My guide sensed something was wrong, so she stopped. “Evelyn,” she said, “when I was legally blind, I took hold of a person’s arm like this to be led.” Legally blind! I had no idea she’d ever been legally blind. No wonder she was so sensitive to my moves and my spirit. It was as if Jesus were saying to me, “Oh, yes, Evelyn. You can trust Me! I even chose the right person to be your partner.”

As I took my guide’s arm and followed her, my confidence began to return. “Yes, Lord,” I said. “I am now free to follow You without fear. I may bump into problems along the way, but I have hold of Your everlasting arm, and I’m leaning on it!”