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Will You Refuse to Be Silenced in Your Cry to God?


Lindsay Roberts – Fourth of five parts

When Bartimaeus began to cry out to Jesus, the Bible says that “many charged him that he should hold his peace” (Mark 10:48). In other words, Bartimaeus had people on all sides telling him to “shut up” and leave Jesus — and them — alone.

Bartimaeus had a decision to make at that moment: to give up and give in to peer pressure, or to continue to cry out in his faith. The Bible says Bartimaeus cried the more, a great deal, “Thou son of David, have mercy on me” (Mark 10:48).  He really raised his voice! He cried louder and more intensely. He cried repeatedly. Bartimaeus refused to be silenced in his need.

The next verse in this story says, “And Jesus stood still” (Mark 10:49).  Bartimaeus cried out until Jesus stopped in His tracks on his behalf.

Are people around you today trying to convince you to quit praying, to quit believing for a miracle, to quit crying out to God, to quit planting your seeds of faith, to quit looking for a miracle? Take that as your cue to pray all the more, to believe, to cry out again, to plant more seeds of faith, and to continue to expect for your miracle!

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