From the archives of Oral RobertsSecond of two parts

James 5:14–15 gives this powerful truth: Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: and the prayer faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.

Our church was having a revival, and one evening the evangelist who had been invited to preach stopped on his way to the pulpit and said to me, “Brother Roberts, I won’t be able to preach tonight. I’m burning up with fever from a bad case of the flu. I came to the meeting hoping I’d be well, but I’m not. I won’t be able to preach. Could you get some of the saints to come around me and pray?”

About a dozen people gathered around the evangelist, and Sister Simpson came to stand right by me. She started to cry. Then she reached her hand between two people, and with one finger, touched the body of the evangelist. Just as Jesus asked, “Who touched me?” when the woman with the issue of blood touched the hem of His garment, the evangelist instantly whirled around and said, “Who touched me? I am healed!”

Sister Simpson turned to go back to her chair, but I took her by the hand. I said to the evangelist, “Brother, I was standing right beside this lady, and she was the one who touched you.” The evangelist walked over for a moment, still looking into her face. She was a housewife, nobody spectacular. But he looked at her and began to cry. We all began to cry. Because of the manifestation of the gift of healing, a man was healed of a raging case of the flu. And that man preached a terrific sermon that night!

You see, God wants us to be healed. He has given us His name. He’s given us His blood and His body. He’s given us anointing, and He’s given us His power of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And the last and best part is… He has given us His faith.

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