Richard Roberts

One of the more memorable space shuttle missions was devoted to the retrieval of the space laboratory satellite. The satellite had been in orbit for some five years and it was in danger of falling out of orbit, heading into the earth’s atmosphere, and disintegrating into pieces that would hurl toward the earth. The space shuttle was sent to retrieve the satellite and bring it home for repair.

Lindsay and I watched in amazement as a 55 foot arm was unfolded from the shuttle to snatch the space laboratory satellite and pull it into the shuttle. The maneuvering was precise, minute, and critical as central control in Houston gave instructions to the space shuttle crew. We realized that the shuttle had to be exactly in the right position in order for the mission to be accomplished. One degree to the left or to the right and the mission could fail.

How much more important it is that we stay in the right position with God, with:

How do you get into position with God? The Bible says, You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You (Isaiah 26:3).

We are in “right position” when we trust God completely with our lives. We are in the right position when we quit listening to the devil’s crowd and live by Matthew 6:33, saying, “I’m going to put God first in my thoughts…. first in my giving…. first in my speaking… first in my doing.”

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