Richard RobertsSecond of three parts

Everybody I know needs to have their physical and material needs met. They need food, shelter, clothing, and in this day and age, a car to drive. And because the method we have for getting those things today involves money, everybody needs money.

God is not against our having money. He knows that we need it to buy things we’ve got to have for life. He knows we’ve got to have it to preach the Gospel on this earth. Money in and of itself is not bad.

The truth about money is the devil doesn’t want you to have any of it. He doesn’t want you to be able to pay your bills. He doesn’t want you to experience any comfort in this life. And he certainly doesn’t want you to give any money to ministries that spread the Name of Jesus.

As John 10:10 says, Jesus came to give us “life” and that includes supplying our need for money. Jesus gives us the health and strength we need to earn money by working. God pours open the windows of Heaven to give us ideas about how to make money and keep it and to use money for good. Jesus came to help us “make a living.”

Jesus even compared our own giving and receiving money to the planting of the seed, something that is alive and multiplies when it is planted in good soil. When we give to God’s work, we can expect God to multiply that giving to meet all of our needs, including our financial needs. (See Luke 6:38.)

Are you trusting God with your finances today? He is truly your only sure Source of total supply!

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