From the archives of Oral Roberts

Early in my ministry, I ached to see the power of God demonstrated in my life as it was in the four Gospels and the book of Acts when Jesus and the apostles walked the earth. I knew that God had called me to take His healing power to my generation, but I felt no consistent, long-lasting anointing to accomplish that call, although a few miracles had occurred here and there.

One happened when I was called to pray for a deacon in our church who had crushed his foot when he dropped a car motor on it. He was on the ground screaming in pain. I knelt down and touched the end of his shoe and said a few words of earnest prayer, and his foot was miraculously restored.

As I sought God, He told me to be like Jesus and heal the people as He did. When I asked how to do this, God told me to read through the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and the book of Acts three times consecutively during the next thirty days and to do it on my knees.

Regimenting my life to do this wasn’t easy, but my entire being cried out for the Lord’s power. Finally, the thirty days were up, and I had finished reading. God said, “Son, you have been faithful up until this hour, and now you shall feel My power in your right hand. Through My presence you will be able to detect the presence of demons. You will know their number and name; and through My power, they will be cast out.”

The anointing, or the power of God, came after God said I had been faithful. If you are hungering for the power of God, seek Him concerning His way of working through you, and let Him deal with you as He wills.

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