Richard Roberts

Number one: God is your Source. No bank, no government, no husband, no wife, no child is your source. No paycheck, no job, no salary, no savings, no interest, no ministry, is your source. God is your source. Don’t look to people. People will let you down. Thank God for people. Love people, believe in people, but put your trust in God.

Some years ago, I ministered in the African nation of Uganda, and our crusade was greatly blessed of God. While there, I saw Lake Victoria, the headwaters of the Nile River which flow to the Mediterranean Sea and provide hydroelectric power and water—really a miracle flow—for millions and millions of people who live along its way. Someone asked me, “Mr. Roberts, what do you suppose would happen if the waters, these headwaters of the Nile River, were to dry up?”

I said, “The river would die because it would have no source. Every river must have a source.” So must your life. Without a source, your life dries up.

In John 21 when Jesus told Peter to throw his net over on the right side, which apparently was contrary to what Peter would normally have done, He was telling Peter, “Don’t go back to your old ways. Throw your net over on the right side for a miracle.” He was also saying to Peter, “I’m your source. God is your Source.”

God is your headwaters. Don’t look to people. Thank God for men. Thank God for women. They’re instruments, and can be used of God to get what you need to you, but they make lousy sources. God is ever faithful, ever powerful; who owns the cattle on a thousand hills and all the silver and gold. God is your Source.

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