Lindsay Roberts

Commitment demands a choice, and the choice to follow Jesus is the same for all believers. Either we go God’s way or we pursue our own.

A story in Luke 5 NKJV shows us the power of choosing God’s way. Jesus had been teaching the crowds from Peter’s boat. When finished, He said to Peter, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”  

But Peter answered, “We have toiled all the night and caught nothing” (v. 5). And he started to grumble and complain. Perhaps he said, “Look, I’m the fisherman here, and You’re the teacher. You teach; I’ll fish.”

But Peter must have heard something in Jesus’ command to launch out, because at the end of his grumbling and complaining, he said, “Nevertheless, at Your word, I will let down the net.” And what happened? Peter caught a net-breaking, boat-sinking load of fish!

I believe with all of my heart that nothing would have happened if Peter had not gotten into agreement with the Word of God. He said to Jesus, “Nevertheless, at Your word.” There may be something you’re going through…physical, financial, or emotional…and you’re at the end of your rope, not knowing what to do. Whatever it is that you have need of, tell the Lord, “Nevertheless, at Your Word, I will.” That is the answer. Get out of agreement with the problem, out of agreement with the negative, and get into agreement with the Word of God. When you get into agreement with God’s way and His Word, situations change!

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