From the archives of Oral Roberts

Jesus has commissioned each of us to be His witnesses. The definition of witness is “to testify in a cause…to affirm a fact or event…to furnish proof of…to be evidenced by conduct or speech.”

According to Acts 1:8 NKJV, we are all to be witnesses of the Lord.   Every one of us! Jesus said, “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me.” Naturally, there are functions of the ministry that are set aside for ministers, but essentially the Gospel operates on a personal level…one-to-one. It’s Jesus and you. It’s you loving God and applying that love to others.

Love will cause you to want to share Christ with others…those who are hurting, lonely, or sick. You’ll be concerned for the lost and want them to experience the same peace, love, and joy you have found. Witnessing also has a side benefit. It strengthens your own spiritual faith.

The way you live your life is probably your most powerful witness for the Lord. This is where people see your faith in action. Let your love overcome any fears you may have about witnessing. Simply reach out to others and tell them what Jesus means to you and what He has done in your life. Just as God used Andrew to win his brother Peter to Christ, so God can use you to win others to Him (see John 1:40-42). Yes, we are imperfect; yes, we make mistakes. But God has chosen to use you and me to win the lost to Him.

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