Richard Roberts

There are many stories in the Bible that tell about people who had the anointing, or power, of God upon their lives. I recall one story in particular in the book of Judges about a young Hebrew named Samson, who was used by God to break the cruel grip of the Philistines off the nation of Israel.

Now Samson was probably no taller, no broader in his shoulders, or stronger in his body than any ordinary man. But when the presence and power of the Lord came upon him, he had great strength! One day that power came on him when a lion attacked him, and he tore that lion to pieces with his bare hands (see Judges 14). Another time, he took the jawbone of a donkey and used it to slay a thousand Philistines (see Judges 15). Samson was able to use his supernatural strength from God to set Israel free from Philistine bondage.

That tells me that the devil is no match for you or for me when the presence and power of God comes upon our lives! Isaiah 61:1 says, The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me.” This Scripture says that God’s anointing is upon you, and when you believe it, you can become a person of great spiritual force. Why? Because you’re not operating in the natural realm, you’re operating in the spiritual realm. And you have strengths and abilities from God that you couldn’t have without Him. When that happens, there isn’t anyone or anything that can stand against you! Sickness can’t keep you down, hardship can’t keep you down, problems can’t stay in your way, and you can be used to help bring deliverance to others. The same mighty, Holy Ghost anointing that was on Samson can defeat Satan’s attack in any area of your life. Nothing can keep you down when you have the power of God!

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