From the archives of Oral Roberts

The story is told of a very poor family who had only one treasure of any value ― a very rare old vase. One day the father received a telephone call to come home quickly because his little son had his hand caught in the vase.

The family worked long and hard to release the child’s hand from the vase, but without success. They then called in the family doctor to see if he could use some of his delicate instruments to free the child’s hand. He too, was unsuccessful. Finally the doctor said, “All I know to do is to break the vase.”

The father realized with sadness what had to be done and he went to get a hammer. As he drew back the hammer to break the valuable vase, the little boy suddenly blurted out, “Wait a minute! Would it help if I turn loose of the penny?”

Many times the start of our miracle begins when we turn loose of something that we have been desperately clinging to.

Are you holding something back from God today? Release it to Him with your faith and expect something good to come from Him when you do.

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