From the archives of Oral Roberts“Miracles Series” – First of seven parts

In the third chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, we read about the first miracle that happened after Jesus was crucified, resurrected, and ascended back into Heaven.

Peter and John, apostles of Jesus, were on their way up to the Temple to pray at about nine o’clock in the morning, when they came face to face with a man by the main gate that led into the Temple grounds. He was sitting in beggar’s robes, holding out his hand for whatever piece of money might be tossed his way. Peter and John no doubt had seen this beggar many times in the past as they went to and from the Temple. But this time, they saw him with new eyes. I mean, this time they really saw him!

There is nothing in the Scripture that indicates there was anything different that day about this beggar. Apparently, he looked the same. He acted the same. He was doing what he had been doing for years. After all… he had been lame from birth. No, the difference wasn’t in the beggar that day. The difference was in Peter and John!

Peter and John had seen Jesus ascend into Heaven. They had heard Him tell them to wait and tarry together until all 120 of Jesus’ closest disciples came into a unity of faith and received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Peter and John had experienced the mighty rushing wind of the Holy Ghost coming into their lives, with a burning fire that set their souls ablaze so that it appeared as if a cloven tongue of fire was above their heads. Peter and John had been filled with the Holy Spirit and power!

As you are filled with the Holy Ghost and your soul is set on fire for God, I pray that you will see people in need in a totally new way. You’ll see them as miracles about to happen! You’ll see people as beloved creations of God whom He desires to heal and make whole. Even as those who already have compassion for the hurting, seek a double dose of the Holy Spirit of God. Ask God today to give you the “new eyes” of the Holy Spirit. Then look around you as Peter and John did ― seeking a place to be a blessing.

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