Richard and Lindsay Roberts

The prophet Isaiah gave two examples in describing the “new thing” that God desires to do in our lives: “I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert” (Isaiah 43:19).

It is almost impossible to chart a course through the wilderness areas of the Bible lands. The shifting sands change the landscape almost daily, creating new formations of earth and destroying old landmarks. God says, however, that the “new thing” He is going to do in your life will be like a road laid out in the wilderness. You’ll have the sure footing of God’s commandments. You won’t need to wonder about where you are in relationship to God, or to others ― you’ll have the Holy Spirit within you as your ever-present guide to give you direction in your life.

A river is the last thing we expect to see in a hot, dry desert. But, God says that the “new thing” He desires to do in your life will be like rivers in a desert. What happens when a desert has a sufficient supply of water? It nearly always becomes productive ground! It becomes an area where crops can be planted, cultivated, and brought to harvest. Some of the most fertile lands in the world were once dry ― until irrigation canals and ditches turned them into fields and orchards and vineyards. The “new thing” God desires to do in your life is something that is going to make you more fruitful!

When you look for God’s “new thing” in your life, look for that which is sure, lasting, and which gives you direction toward Heaven and away from the grips of hell. Look for that which allows you to grow spiritually and to bear fruit for God’s kingdom. God’s “new thing” ahead for you will be purposeful and productive. Look for it! Be expecting God’s new thing … for you!

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