From the archives of Oral Roberts

Do you feel imprisoned by a problem that just won’t give? Do you need a breakthrough? If so, I have good news. With Christ in your heart, you need not be imprisoned by your circumstances. Jesus came to set you free! He can help you break out of your troubles and be free and alive.

Imagine an egg that is ready to hatch. Inside is a baby chick, ready to break out into a new life, but first it must struggle and exert some effort. It pecks away at the inside of the shell, and suddenly there is a crack. The shell breaks open a little wider and a little foot pushes its way through. Then a head pops out. Soon the egg breaks wide open, and a little chick walks out into a new life ― a totally different life than it had while it was confined in the eggshell.

You may be confined in a situation just like that little chick. Your problem may seem unsolvable. But I want you to know that when you keep believing and speaking God’s Word, that problem doesn’t have a chance of keeping you locked in. Jesus has already paid for your freedom. First Timothy 2:6 NLT says, He [Jesus] gave his life to purchase freedom for everyone. That includes anything that keeps you in bondage.

I believe that as you receive this truth into your heart and act on it, the problem that has been confining you can begin to crack today. And you can have a breakthrough into a new life.

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