From the archives of Oral Roberts

The women who had followed Jesus witnessed the brutal crucifixion of their Lord and Savior. They watched as His beaten body hung on the Cross, and they wept as they heard Him forgive the thief dying on the cross next to Him. They saw the guard thrust a spear into His lifeless body, and they watched as Joseph of Arimathea wrapped His body in linen and spices before it was taken to the tomb.

Things had gone from bad to worse the previous week. Now it was all over. Jesus was dead and sealed in the tomb. And the women felt hopeless, devastated. Everything they had believed in and the Person they had loved the most was gone. And there was nothing they could do. Or was there?

Yes! Despite the events that had occurred, the women could keep on believing. They could still go to the tomb and anoint Jesus’ body. They could still give of themselves. They knew soldiers were guarding the tomb and a stone covered the entrance, but they went anyway, believing and acting on their faith. They didn’t let their doubts or the circumstances stop them.

God saw those women acting on their faith, and He began to move. When they reached the tomb, they saw a miracle. They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus (Luke 24:2–3 NIV). They were the first to witness the Resurrection. Everything they thought they had lost was restored … and abundantly more!

What about you and me today? It’s the same for us. When we believe in spite of circumstances, putting our faith into action by doing something, it moves God to bring miracles into our lives.

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