Richard RobertsSecond of three parts

One night when King David couldn’t sleep, he went up on the rooftop and looked out across the vast city. He saw a woman bathing. Bathsheba was in the nude, and when David saw her, he lusted after her. David inquired about her, had her brought to him, and committed adultery with her.

When it was discovered that Bathsheba had become pregnant, David inquired about her husband and found he was Uriah, one of the King’s soldier’s who was at the battlefront.

David ordered Uriah brought home. That way Uriah would sleep with his wife and the affair would be covered up. But when Uriah returned home, he would not go in to his wife, saying, “No, King, I cannot go in to my wife when all of my comrades-in-arms are at the battlefront. I can’t sleep with my wife when they can’t sleep with their wives. So I will sleep at the king’s door” (II Samuel 11:11).

David planned to get Uriah drunk, thinking he would surely go in and sleep with his wife. But Uriah would not do it. Then David ordered Uriah to be sent to the hottest part of the battle, and his instructions were to see that Uriah was killed.

A few days later, word came back. The battle was hot, the fighting was heavy, the killing was strong, and Uriah, the Hittite, was one of the dead. King David said to himself, I finally covered it up and no one will know. No one will know.

But God knew!

When you think no one knows, God knows. But don’t run from God; run toward God. Climb up on His lap, and confess the wrong. God will take that big celestial handkerchief, and He’ll dry your tears. He will forgive you, and He will cleanse you. He will create in you a new heart, and restore unto you the joy of your salvation.

To the Lord our God belong mercies and forgiveness, though we have rebelled against him – Daniel 9:9

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