Lindsay Roberts

Be beautiful inside, in your hearts, with the lasting charm of a gentle and quiet spirit which is so precious to God (1 Peter 3:4 TLB).

When you have received the inner beauty of the Holy Spirit, and God has become your Source and the One who makes you beautiful, you are beautiful in His sight. You have to be beautiful in His sight because He said He made you in His own image. When you get an understanding of that, something wells up on the inside. When you put away the past ― the abuse, the hurts, the former things ― then what God has given you… that inner beauty, is going to come shining through.

I once read in USA Today about the Olympian who was obviously shaken by someone who beat her with some sort of instrument on her knee. A lifetime of practice and preparation for the Olympics was jeopardized in a matter of seconds by a total stranger.

But the young lady was anxious to put the incident behind her, saying, “I cannot let this stop me from living.” Another thing I noticed about this young lady was that she had a good support group. This was probably her greatest asset.

It’s important to associate with people who don’t discourage you, but encourage you. If somebody is tearing you down, constantly ripping you apart and putting you down, and it isn’t possible for you to physically move away from that person, you must put up heavenly protection against whatever it is that is harming you. You may live with someone like that whom you can’t get away from, but what you can do, in the Name of Jesus, is not let that person’s influence penetrate and destroy you on the inside.

Find a church or a ministry that is positive and uplifting, that brings out the Word of God, and that tells you “you are somebody important to God and that you can make it!”

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