Richard RobertsThird of three parts

I was preaching in Manchester, England, in a beautiful 19th century building packed full of people. God gave me a word of knowledge for a little girl who had broken her leg. When the doctors removed the cast, they found it had not grown back properly, and she had a big brace on her leg.

As her mother was bringing the little girl forward to the platform, God gave me a word of knowledge that He was healing the child. The mother said, “I’m going to take off my little girl’s brace. She said she felt the power of God in her leg.” The mother took off the brace, and the little girl began gingerly to move her leg. The healing was in process. You could see it! The girl just kept moving her leg, and finally, she leaped off the platform, ran all the way to the back of the room and then all the way down to the front.

The British are not demonstrative. They don’t laugh much; they don’t clap. They love God and get into the worship service, but they are very reserved people. However, they spontaneously began to jump, shout, and praise God for the little girl’s healing!

After the service closed, a BBC reporter stopped me and asked for an interview. His first question was, “How does the word of knowledge work?” The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Don’t answer his question. Ask him how long he’s had arthritis in his shoulder.”

I said to him, “Tell me how long you’ve had arthritis in your left shoulder.” He began to answer, “I’ve had it for a number of – how did you know that?” I repeated that question, and he answered. “Three years.” I said, “The Lord is telling me that your shoulder is being healed right now.” He put down his pad and pen, began to move his arm, and a smile came on his face. He said, “The pain is gone! I can move it!”

I still don’t know how the word of knowledge works except that I begin to feel things in my body. I feel the pain in my spirit. I do not see the problem with my physical eyes, but I feel it in my spirit. I get a vision of someone who has that type of affliction. When I get this feeling from God, I stop whatever I am doing and speak the word God gives me, even when it happens in the middle of a sermon. If God wants to interrupt my sermon, it’s all right. It’s His sermon in the first place!

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