From the archives of Oral Roberts

Time and time again while Jesus was on the earth He said these words, “Fear not.” Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, fell at Jesus’ feet begging Him to come to his home to heal his 12 year-old daughter who was dying (Luke 8:41-56). Just about that time, one of his servants came and told the ruler “it was too late ― his daughter was dead ― don’t even bother Jesus anymore.”

But when Jesus heard it, He immediately said, “Fear not: BELIEVE ONLY, and she shall be made whole” (Verse 50).

You have a choice when you come up against a problem in life. You can have a spirit of fear that the devil tries to put on you or a spirit of faith that God has given you. Jairus chose to believe and his daughter was raised from the dead.

Don’t listen to those who would say, “You’re bothering Jesus with your needs.” Press in and get your miracle, because no need is beyond the REACH OF FAITH!

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