From the archives of Oral Roberts

Are the songs, Jingle Bells, White Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and a cozy fireplace with all the family, a big dinner, and Christmas gifts the real truth about Christmas? Is it everyone being friendly and nice one time a year — telling you how great you are?

Or is Christmas just a sweet baby being born in a dirty stable in Bethlehem on a cold night in a crowded, noisy town? A nice Bible story to read and act out in church plays?

That’s not the meaning of Christmas…not now…nor will it ever be, for you and me as true believers in Jesus Christ. Then what is the truth about Christmas concerning our lives?

Pick up your Bible and read Matthew 1:18˗25 and Chapter 2. Then read Luke, Chapter 1 and 2. Notice particularly that every person in the Christmas story was spoken to by the Lord, and every one of them had a special purpose that none of the others had.

God showed each of them He had a purpose for their lives and that he was going to do something good for them and through them. That includes Zacharias and Elisabeth, the father and mother of John the Baptist; Mary and Joseph, of course; even Herod the king, who had a chance if only he would have listened. It includes the wise men who, hundreds of miles away, heard Him say, “Go to Bethlehem.” It includes the innkeeper who had no room for them, and yet he heard God in the compassion he felt and found a place for them in the stable. It includes the shepherds who heard God and did what no shepherds do — leave their flocks alone at night to go and search for a newborn baby.

What I am saying to you is: Don’t let Christmas pass you by! Open your Bible, listen in your heart, and ask God, “Lord, You are going to speak to me this Christmas, aren’t You?” Then be willing to have the joy of it fill your heart!

When you start knowing the Lord Jesus and begin following the purpose God speaks to your life, then you will start feeling that tremendous love, joy, and peace of Christmas.