From the archives of Evelyn RobertsFirst of two parts

Matthew 5 NKJV is the beginning of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. It is what I knew as a little girl as the Beatitudes. Our attitude is important to God. What we are and how we act matters to Him. The Beatitudes tells us what kind of attitude is pleasing to God, and there is a promise at the end of each one that I just love.

“…Blessed are the poor in spirit…” (v.3). When I was growing up, this beatitude bothered me because I thought it meant I had to be poor. I said, “Lord, I’m poor enough. Why should I have to be poor in spirit also?” But I discovered that that verse doesn’t mean you are to be poor; it means you are to have total dependence upon the Lord.

It’s not a sign of weakness to depend on the Lord. It’s a sign of strength and spiritual maturity to recognize your need of Him. And when you have an attitude of dependence on God, this beatitude promises, “the kingdom of heaven” is yours.

“…Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted…” (v.4). The Lord has great compassion for us when we’re grieving over a lost loved one or have suffered a misfortune, but I believe there’s a deeper meaning to this beatitude. To mourn is to yearn in your heart for something ― in this instance, for more of the Lord. And His promise is that those who mourn “…shall be comforted…” Who is the Comforter? The Holy Spirit. If you yearn for more of the Lord, His promise is to give you His Spirit without measure.