A Direct Relationship

Richard Roberts

 I believe very deeply that when you find an absence of spiritual power, you will find an absence of strong effective prayer. Prayer and spiritual power are linked together. You simply cannot ― and do not ― have spiritual power without prayer.

The same line you call God on is the line He answers you on.

Much prayer means much power.

Little prayer means little power.

No prayer means no power.

Have you ever seen people who seem to catch trouble from every side, but yet somehow they always seem to land on their feet spiritually? They are praying people!

Do you want more spiritual power in your life to overcome the assault of the devil that is coming against you? Spend more time in prayer and communication to God and pouring out before Him your deepest needs, feelings, hurts, and your highest praises. It is through prayer that you become strong in the Lord, that you receive His strength and His power into your life and spirit.

And remember …

No prayer – no power.

Little prayer – little power.

Much prayer – much power!

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