A Miracle Healing

From the archives of Oral RobertsSecond of two parts

A partner recently shared this wonderful praise report with us. We believe it will be a blessing into your life, too, as you expect your miracle.

Doris, from Rhode Island, wrote: “Oral, I praise God for what He has done for my grandson, Joshua. I believe prayer and planting a seed-faith gift with your ministry helped bring it about.

When Joshua’s mother was three months pregnant with him, something happened and his brain stopped growing. As a result, he was born brain-damaged and blind. We suffered such heartache! Our church prayed and I wrote you a letter and asked for your prayers, also. We planted our seed-faith gift, trusting God to be the source of healing for our darling grandchild.

When Joshua was three months old, we noticed one day that he was following us with his eyes when he moved. Then a few days later, we saw him look at us and smile. You can’t imagine the joy in our hearts! Now, at eight months, Joshua is crawling, moving around in a walker, and reaching out for things. The specialist can’t explain what has happened. It’s a wonderful miracle! We wanted you to know.

Friend, brain damage and blindness are no match for the living God! Nothing is too hard for Him. Trust Him for your miracle!

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