A Miracle Is Coming Your Way — Right Now!

From the archives of Oral RobertsSecond of two parts

I didn’t hear anything from Buzz for six months. I was holding on, and I would not come out of the prayer agreement for Buzz. But I didn’t know about the great things that were going on in his body.

Then one day I received a letter from him which read, “I came into agreement with you for my healing, and I didn’t come out. I’m writing you the story.” He said that two weeks after our conversation, the warmth of God’s healing power came into his beat-up, injured limbs. He put his feet out of the bed onto the floor and was able to stand and walk and dress himself. Buzz stood up, looked around, and said, “God, I’m healed! I’m healed!”

After his healing, Buzz contacted other oil people and said, “I’m going to drill an oil well on an oil lease I’d forgotten I had.” And he struck oil!

Buzz resumed going to church and tithing to his church, and he sent a Seed-Faith gift for Oral Roberts University. I knew he had been healed by this time. I knew a miracle had taken place!

Remember the precious agreement between Jesus and you. Christ says in Matthew 18:19˗20, Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Remember that you can get into agreement with one another. Miracles are coming your way right now. Don’t let them pass you by. Remember the precious name of Jesus, the precious blood of Jesus, the precious anointing of Jesus, the precious gifts of the Spirit of Jesus, and the faith of Jesus. A miracle is coming your way right now!

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