A Total Supply Awaits Us

From the archives of Oral RobertsSixth of seven parts

The Apostle Paul concludes his teaching on biblical prosperity to the Philippians by saying, “My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).

Notice that Paul does not say, “My God might supply all your need,” No, he says, “My God shall supply.”

Paul did not say, “My God shall supply half your need,” or “My God shall supply a part of your need.” No, he says, “My God shall supply all your need.”

The supply that God has for those who get into a FAITH RHYTHM of giving and receiving, receiving and giving, is a total supply. It is for all you need… your physical needs, your financial needs, and your spiritual needs.

The message from the Apostle Paul to the giving-and-receiving group at Philippi comes down to one thing: making God the SOURCE OF YOUR TOTAL SUPPLY. God’s “riches in glory by Christ Jesus” are enough to get your needs met. They are inexhaustible. And they are for you and me, when we learn to live according to the BIBLE principles for prosperity.

Are you in need today? God has total supply for your total need when you do your part according to His Holy Word.

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