From the archives of Oral Roberts

Luke 7:16 has a tiny verse that caught my attention one day. It says God hath visited his people. I believe the Lord wants to invade each of our lives and visit us individually and personally. Everything begins with an idea. And I believe God wants to enlarge our vision and give us creative abilities ― ideas, concepts, and insights ― that can change our lives and give us power to accomplish His will.

When the Lord first invaded my life and told me to take His healing power to my generation and someday build Him a university based on His authority and the Holy Spirit, I didn’t have the faith to believe I could do what He was calling me to do. That was a huge calling, and I knew that it would take a lot of faith to see it accomplished. But I felt as though I didn’t have any faith. I would believe one day, but the next day I would be overcome with doubts.

I’d been reading the New Testament over and over, and one day God spoke to my spirit and said, “Don’t you remember in Roman 12:3 where I said, “I have given to every man the measure of faith?”And I remembered! He continued, “Faith is not something you have to get; it is something you already have!”

Suddenly, I realized if I already had the faith I needed, I could do what God had called me to do. It’s the same for you. If you have the faith that God has already given you a measure of, then you can do everything God is leading you to do.