Richard Roberts

I came home one evening to find that our daughter, Jordan, who was two at the time, had crawled up onto the kitchen table. She got scared when she realized how high up she was and she couldn’t get down. As I came in, the babysitter was trying to help her, but Jordan didn’t want to be helped by the babysitter. She wanted me. I walked over to Jordan and held out my arms, and she responded by throwing her arms around my neck. She was off that table in a matter of seconds.

What was the difference between the babysitter’s attempts to help Jordan and my attempt? I was her father. She knew me. She trusted me. She knew that I loved her and that I would help her.

Many people don’t see God, their heavenly Father, as a good and loving Father. They are fearful and distrustful of Him. Their picture of God is one of an old man sitting on a cloud, counting their sins. But that’s not an accurate picture of God!

To trust God, you need a true understanding of His nature. Nahum 1:7 MSG says, God is good, a hiding place in tough times. He recognizes and welcomes anyone looking for help. When you’re going through a tough time and need help, picture your heavenly Father reaching out to you with open arms. He loves you and is there for you!