From the archives of Evelyn Roberts  – First of two parts

Being given the job of being a mother…a mother of one tiny baby…is an awesome responsibility. I never shall forget the first time I held my first child in my arms, and I thought, Oh dear Lord, help me to teach this child how to live, how to love God, how to meet the struggles in her life. Motherhood is a difficult job, and mothers have a more difficult task now than I had when I had my children because I didn’t have to work away from the home. I worked with my husband in the ministry.

But to be given the task of being the mother of this ministry is really a tremendous responsibility, because I always want to be the kind of role model that young people can look up to and follow as I follow the Lord. I’ve always tried to be a role model, not only to others, but also to my own children.

Many mothers have to work away from home, and it’s a difficult task. However, there are ways to compensate. You can give children a few moments before they go out the door to school. Pray with them. Ask the Lord to guide them. Ask the angels to protect them. We need protection these days. We live in an age of violence, and you have to have the angels protecting your children while they’re away from home.

In these busy days, most people don’t have time to sit down to a hot breakfast. But each morning, I prepared a hot breakfast for our children. As we sat around the table, we always prayed. Then we discussed what was going to happen in our lives that day. As each child went out the door, I said a prayer, and all day long, of course, I had a prayer in my heart.

Motherhood — oh, what a responsibility! You’re given that little life to mold, and part of what he or she becomes goes back to what you teach that child at home. Your children never forget what they learned when they were little. Then as they become teenagers, your responsibilities grow bigger because the problems out there in the world are bigger.

There is never a time when you can stop being a mother. You have to teach your child how to become an independent individual. After that, you’re not responsible. I praise God because I am a mother!