Richard Roberts

Are you staring at a situation or a problem today and the only thing you know to do is to shake your head and say, “It’s impossible. It’s hopeless. It’s beyond fixing”?

Friend, it’s at that very moment that you need to say, “But with God ALL things are possible” (Mark 10:27).

When Lindsay and I married, the doctors said that it was very unlikely that Lindsay would ever get pregnant. We refused to accept that. We prayed, and we believed. Lindsay did become pregnant, and then she had a miscarriage. She become pregnant a second time, and had a second miscarriage.

Then the doctors discovered a tumor in her body and said it appeared she would need a hysterectomy. We prayed and believed again. And when the doctors started to perform the surgery, the tumor had completely disappeared! We took that as a sign from God that something impossible WAS going to be turned into the possible.

Lindsay became pregnant a third time and gave birth to a beautiful little boy. And 36 hours later, he died. Lindsay, in her grief, said to me, “Richard, don’t ever ask me to get pregnant again.” Everything seemed impossible at that moment.

But our faith began to rise up and we began to believe for the possible. You should see our family today ― three beautiful girls ― Jordan Lindsay, Catherine Olivia, and Chloe Elisabeth!

These three girls are proof IN THE NOW that with God, the impossible is possible!

No matter what you are facing, God has a way for turning it to your good.