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Bless God and Be Blessed!

Lindsay Roberts 

I recall a time when I had one of those days when, from the moment I got up in the morning, everything I did went wrong. You name it; pick anything. As soon as I crawled out of bed and opened my eyes, everything that could go wrong did…and much, much more!

Needless to say, when I finally got home that evening I was exhausted and frustrated. And I had a tip-of-the-iceberg moment where I was going to blow it.

Suddenly I began to chuckle because I realized that at that moment I had a golden opportunity to really get ticked off or let God be God. Ironically, I had just been teaching about blessing the Lord with your mouth. But it’s easy to bless the Lord when everything is going right. It’s not as easy when everything is going wrong.

Well, I began to just bless the Lord. I believe with all of my heart that the Lord had spent the day in heaven just watching me, saying, “Is she going to bless Me so I can bless her, or is she going to lose it? Is she going to give this situation over to Me, or is she going to give in to the devil’s plan?”

As I began to bless the Lord, I believe He put a chain of events in motion and said, “Because she chose to bless me, I’ll reward her.” Not long after, the telephone rang, and it was a friend of mine who seems to always show up at my door when I’m in a crisis mode. She said she was coming over to bring me a new outfit! Because I blessed God, He blessed me!

Psalm 22:3 says that God inhabits the praises of His people. If you’re having a bad day…everything is going wrong…bless the Lord. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that when we begin to bless God, He begins to bless us!

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Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts, B.A., M.A., D.Min., is the Chairman and CEO of Richard Roberts Ministries and has dedicated his life to ministering the saving, healing, delivering power of Jesus Christ around the world.

His services are marked with supernatural miracles and healings and by a tremendous move of the Spirit. Today, Richard focuses on his Greater Works international pastors conferences where he teaches and trains pastors in underdeveloped nations to take the full gospel with miracles, healing and signs following to their villages, cities, and nations, as Jesus said in John 14:12.