Richard RobertsSecond of three parts

Then the prophet Jahaziel brought a word from the Lord, Be not afraid …. Stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord (II Chronicles 20:15,17).

After hearing the word from the prophet Jahaziel, Jehoshaphat said, “We’re going to obey the Word of the Lord. We’re going to be established, and we’re going to prosper” (v. 20).

Then Jehoshaphat put the praise and worship singers out in front of the army. The Bible says that God set ambushments against the three enemy armies, and they turned against one another and destroyed one another.

When they had killed each other, Jehoshaphat and the children of Israel went in and gathered up the spoils for days. What the prophet prophesied came to pass.

Number two ― Make sure you’re honoring God in every area of your life. Joshua 7 brings this out. Joshua could find no reason why the children of Israel were losing every battle. God had given them the land. God had given them the cities. Every town shuddered and shook when they saw Joshua and his armies. But suddenly the tables were turned, and Israel was being beaten on every hand. Then Joshua discovered there was sin in the camp. He did not commit the sin. Joshua was upright before the Lord, but he had to get rid of the sin in the camp.

Check yourself. Check your family. Check your job. Check your business. Take care of the things you have control over, and make sure you’re bringing honor to God in every area of your life.