Richard Roberts

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.

— Romans 10:17

Oklahoma is “oil country.” Men drill deep into the ground for oil, causing the oil to come rushing up from the earth. In days past, before the sophisticated machinery the drillers have today, one could often hear the oil coming up from the earth with a roar, often sweeping up and out of the ground in a mighty “gusher.”

The Word of God is like a drill bit, driving deep down into your heart and causing faith to come rushing up. Faith to believe God for the miracle you need. The Word of God can’t do its work, however, unless you put yourself in a position to hear the Word of God.

Now, there are many ways to “hear” God’s Word. The Word of God may come to you through a song of worship or praise. It can come through the anointed preaching of a man or woman of God in a church service or on television. It can come through someone to whom the Holy Spirit has given a specific word of knowledge or word of wisdom for you. It can come as you read your Bible, reading or saying verses out loud to yourself or recalling verses from the Bible.

Are you feeling a lack of faith today? Put yourself into a position to hear the Word of God. Open your spiritual ears to really listen to what that Word is saying to you. Ask the Lord to soften your heart so the Word can do its work. And then… look for faith to come forth. I believe it will, just as God’s Word says it will.