Richard Roberts

The Bible tells us that Jesus came “that he might destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8).

What is a work of the devil?

It’s anything that is unlike God.

Sickness, disease, fear, doubt, financial problems, emotional problems, family problems ― none of this is like God. These things simply aren’t a part of His nature. They are works of the devil … and Jesus came to destroy those works

Let me assure you today, that although the devil is against you … God is for you.

No matter how much the devil despises you … God’s love for you is greater.

No matter how much sickness or disease or fear or torment tries to attach itself to you … the power of God in you is greater than the power of the devil.

No matter what type of “work” the devil tries to do in you …Jesus came to destroy that work and to replace it with His works, which are works of healing, deliverance, salvation, restoration, recovery, prosperity, and reward.

Let’s pray together for Jesus to be manifested in your life today, and for Him to destroy the works of the devil:

Father, by the authority of the Name of Jesus, Whose I am and Whom I serve, I speak to the sickness and disease and hurt and fear, and I command it ― yes, command it in the Name of Jesus ― to leave, and to LEAVE RIGHT NOW. Devil, take your hands off this situation. Stop your works against God’s plan and purpose for this life. My friend, I ask God to make you whole, in the Name of Jesus! And may the works of Jesus fill your life this day and forever. Amen!