Lindsay Roberts

Like a lot of women, I carry a roomy purse. Without realizing I’m doing it, I’ll put one more thing and one more thing into my purse until it feels like I’m carrying a brick! My purse certainly doesn’t start out weighing very much, but adding just a little at a time adds up until it gets to the point where I can hardly carry it. When I empty my purse, I’m always amazed at all the junk I’ve stashed in it.

Satan works in much the same way. He adds a little burden to your life here, a little stress and worry there, and before you know it, the load you’re carrying has gotten heavier and heavier until it’s too heavy to carry.

That kind of load is not from God. The Bible clearly says that Satan has tricks and strategies. It may have taken you a long time to fully realize the crushing burden Satan has put upon you piece by piece, but now is the time to turn it over to God, who daily bears our burdens (Psalms 68:19 NIV). I believe an earnest prayer can begin to lighten your load. Join me as we pray in agreement:

In the authority of Jesus’ name, I command Satan to take his hands off God’s property. I command the spirit of death, despair, worry, sickness, and disease to leave. I bind Satan in the name of Jesus. I command and demand that he flee from you according to the Word of God.

Father God, You tell us in Your Word that by the stripes that wounded Jesus we are healed and made completely whole. We claim that Word, in Jesus’ name. Amen.