Lindsay Roberts

Oral Roberts, my late father-in-law, told me about a tall lady with bright red hair who once came through a healing line after he had preached. She’d had violent headaches and wanted to be healed. Oral gave her a certain instruction. It was something simple and common like, “Walk around.” But she was too proud to do it. She said, “No, I’m just not going to do that,” and stormed off.

She told him later that when she sat back down in her seat, she thought, Now wait a minute. What God has for me is more important than the way it comes to me. Whether I have to do what Brother Roberts says or even march around Jericho seven times, what’s important is that I get my headache healed. So she got up and did what Oral had told her to do, and her headache was healed immediately.

God has something for you to receive. Don’t miss it because you don’t like the way He chooses to give it to you. Maybe you don’t like medicine, or maybe you don’t like to have someone pray for your healing. If God says you are to do something, don’t miss receiving your miracle by not doing it. The delivery system doesn’t matter. If someone sends you a bouquet of roses, don’t worry because it came in a rickety old truck. Forget the truck and take the roses! Accept what God has for you, and go on your way, rejoicing!