Four Little Words

Lindsay Roberts

A lot of things are bombarding us today that can rob us of our peace. If we turn on the news on TV, open up a newspaper, or go online, it’s easy to become afraid and get into a panic mode.

So how do we fight that fear? With faith! Romans 12:3 says: God has given every person a measure of faith. We are either going to believe something positive or something negative. If we believe we are going to go under, guess where we are going? Under! But if we put our faith in positive things, then there is hope for a positive outcome.

In Mark 11:22 Jesus said, “Have faith.” But He didn’t stop there. He said, “Have Faith in God.” That means we have a choice: we can either put our faith in the world’s message of fear or in God’s words of hope. Faith is an energy to be used. So what are you using your faith for? Are you using it to reinforce the idea that awful things are bound to happen? Or are you taking the energy and using is to believe that good things are ahead?

Instead of allowing yourself to be consumed with worry about what’s going on in the world, choose to mentally take a posture of faith and stand on this one tiny Scripture which says, Have faith in God. It’s only four little words, but the power of Jesus Christ backs up every one of those words!

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