Freedom Is…

From the archives of Oral Roberts

Freedom is not a physical state of being. It is deeper than that. For even if you are free, you can be bound inside.

Freedom is of the spirit and mind. It is release from within.

Freedom is to look upon another man’s wealth and not covet . . . to look upon another man’s wife and not lust . . . to look upon another man’s home and not desire it.

Freedom is to look upon problems and not panic, to look upon needs and not be afraid.

Freedom is to look every man in the face and know that you are a person in your own right.

Freedom is knowing that God is real to you . . . that whether you live in a ghetto, or work on a job that is unpleasant, or suffer trouble in your family, you feel a relationship with the Power that is the answer to everything—the power of God.

Freedom is knowing Jesus Christ, because in Him you are free from the bondage of self.

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