Freedom to Experience God’s Power

Richard Roberts

One day I was in a television studio to help with a program on which I had been invited to preach and pray for the sick. When I arrived, I saw a man in the studio who, many years ago, had said some negative, untrue things about me publicly. I had literally written this man off for what he had said—I had unforgiveness in my heart.

When I saw this man in the studio, I immediately began to struggle on the inside. I could think of very little except the presence of this man. I tried to listen for the Lord’s voice about what He would have me say on the program, and I heard nothing. I opened my Bible for inspiration and it seemed as if all the pages were blank. The more I struggled to prepare for the program, the angrier I felt. Finally, I said to the Lord, “How can I preach and pray for the sick with this man here? Lord, do You remember what this man did?”

The Lord spoke back in my heart and said, “You haven’t forgiven him and I’m not going to anoint you to minister until you go over to him and ask him to forgive you.”

I said, “What do you mean, ask him to forgive me? He’s the one who should ask for forgiveness. I haven’t done anything that needs forgiving.”

The Lord said, “Oh, yes. You have held this in your heart against him.”

I immediately walked over to the man, called him by name, and did one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. I put my arm around him and said, “My brother, I have held bitterness against you and I’m asking you to forgive me.”

Big tears began to roll down this man’s cheeks and he said, “Richard, years ago I said some things about you that I’ve discovered were not true. I ask you to forgive me.” We hugged each other and forgiveness flowed between us. Today, that man and I are extremely close in the Lord.

Furthermore, immediately after this man and I forgave one another, it seemed as if the windows of Heaven were opened up to me. God gave me a word to say and anointed me to preach it, and people were saved and healed and delivered that night.

Is there unforgiveness in your life today that is keeping back the flow of God’s anointing? Make today the day you release that person and the wrong they have done to you!

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