Richard Roberts

You can’t buy your way to God. You can’t buy healing. You can’t fight your way out of trouble. You can’t buy a ticket to Heaven. You can’t buy God’s miracle working power.  Friend, God is not for sale.

But you can have a giving-and-receiving relationship with God. God wants to give to YOU. In fact, He’s already given so many things to you that you’d have to spend the rest of your life trying to count them all. God also wants YOU to give to HIM. In fact, He gave to you first, so you could give to Him. Why does God want you to give? So His kingdom can be built, and also so He can turn around and give you even more! (See Luke 6:38.)

God wants you to RECEIVE from Him. He wants you to have the miracles you need. He wants you to get your needs met. He also wants to receive from your love and obedience and your loyalty. God wants a two-way, giving-and-receiving relationship with you. Yes, you. He wants you to be His partner in abundant life on this earth. And He wants you to live with Him forever in Heaven. You can’t buy God’s love. But you sure can receive it… and then give it to others.