Lindsay Roberts

As a child I was taught giving and receiving, planting seeds and expecting God to multiply them. My mother taught me that when we get a blessing, we don’t thank our lucky stars; we thank God. When we plant our seed and there is a financial turnaround, we would be robbing God of the credit if we didn’t give Him the glory for that miracle.

I remember that as a child, my brother, sister, and I planted corn to earn our spending money for the next school year. We planted corn and sold it by the side of the road. Mom would estimate how many seeds would grow a certain amount of harvest. I often asked, “How can we get so much from one little seed?” She would say, “Because God is in it. That’s how it multiplies. God is in the seed.”

The laws of God are set up in the seeds we plant, and the only way you can explain it is that God is in it. Your little seed is saying, “If someone will just plant me, I will grow into a harvest.”