Richard Roberts

It seems that people everywhere are looking out for number one, looking out for themselves. Many will say, “You can make it if you just try hard enough.”

Well, I know lots of people who are desperate to “make it,” who have tried to make it, but they simply cannot make it alone. They must have some help. They must have a strong word, a shoulder to lean on, a hand to lift them up.

Who helps those who cannot help themselves? The Bible is filled with stores about Jesus, who came to do for people what they could not do in their own strength or by their own will. Jesus healed the lame. He made the blind to see. He caused the deaf to hear and the speechless to talk. Above all, He forgave sin.

Time and again we read in the Gospels that Jesus was moved with compassion. For example, look at Matthew 9:36, Mark 1:41, and 6:34. That’s what happened on one particular day as Jesus went up to Jerusalem and came to a pool called Bethesda. This pool, surrounded by its five porches, was like an inner-city sanctuary for the sick, the suffering, the sighing, the crying, the dying. It was occupied by those who could not do for themselves. And it was to this group that Jesus went. (See John 5.)

God may cause you today to be moved with compassion toward someone in need. Go where He prompts you to go. Help where He prompts you to help. Give Jesus to the person who doesn’t know Him!