Lindsay Roberts

Jeremiah 1:12 says that God watches over His Word to perform it. When we go along with exactly what the Word of God says, He is obligated to watch over His Word to perform it.

As my children were growing up, they learned to trust that I meant what I said. When I would tell my children, “I give you my word. Mama promises this is what she is going to do,” they could turn around to me and say, “Mama, you promised!” I was then obligated to honor what I had said.

You see, they were not making a demand on what they said; they were making a demand on what I said. I put myself in the position to watch over my word to perform it. I obligated myself.

God did the same thing. When holy men, moved by God’s Spirit, wrote the Word, God said it would work. He told us to use His Word in Jesus’ name, and He said He would watch over His Word to perform it. We are not forcing Him to perform it, because we can’t force God to do anything. He is simply doing what He said He would do.