God’s Plan is Recovery

From the archives of Oral Roberts

Are you facing a loss today? Has the devil robbed you of something? This is the Word of the Lord to you today: God desires for you to recover it all!

The Bible tells the story of King David’s return one day to the city of Ziklag. He and his army had been away for three days, and during that time, the Amalekites had invaded Ziklag, burned the city, and taken all the women and their sons and daughters captive. David and his men were so distressed they cried until they couldn’t cry anymore.

But then, notice what David did. First, he enquired of the Lord, He said, “What do you want me to do, God?” (See 1 Samuel 30:8) And God said, “Pursue the enemy. You will overtake them and recover all.”

Has the devil robbed you of something today? God’s word to you is this: “Go after the devil in prayer and pummel him until you recover it all!”

Second, David went after the enemy with his whole heart. God showed him exactly where the enemy was camped so that David and his men were able to descend upon them and kill most of them and send the rest fleeing on camels. And David recovered all so that NOTHING WAS LACKING. His recovery was so complete that the Bible says not even something LITTLE was missing. Everything was restored!

Friend, that’s God’s desire for you today. First, ask God what to do. And second, when He tells you, then do it with your whole heart. Pursue the devil in the Name of the Lord… and expect God to provide the way for you to RECOVER IT ALL!

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