Richard RobertsThird of four parts

The second mistake a fool makes is he tries to see God rather than believe in God.

You’ve got to be a fool not to be able to see God through the eyes of faith. Just look around. Look at the flowers planted by His glory, the rivers and crystal-clear streams. The fool has got to know there cannot be creation without a creator. The fool has got to know there cannot be a here without a there. A fool has got to know there can’t be an after without a before. The fool has got to know that it was God who stood behind those purple hills of eternity, stretched out His hands, and mapped out the plans for the construction of the world.

Then He took those hands, reached out into the nothingness, took hold of something that wasn’t even there, and commanded it to stay … and it did!

Job says God hung this world on nothing. Then He took the hammer of His own will, struck the anvil of His omnipotence, and the sparks flew. He caught them, threw them into space, bedecked the heavens with stars from His fingertips, sculpted the mountains and piled them high, dug deep the gorges, and traced all the rivers with His fingernails.

He created every living thing: And, behold, it was very good (Genesis 1:31). It’s time we recognized that this world is nothing more than God’s autograph; picturesque with rivers, hills and valleys, mountains, and streams.

We study in science how you can make a microscope and look at worlds in a drop of water. You can also look at worlds millions of miles away through a telescope. It’s all part of God’s signature. You have to be a fool to say there is no God! His hand can be seen in everything!