How God Uses His Faith

From the archives of Oral Roberts

Mark 11:22 says, Have faith in God, or another translation says, Have faith like God has faith. How does God have faith? How does He use His faith? Romans 4:17 says that He calls those things which be not as though they were.”

God made the world out of absolutely nothing—before that, there wasn’t a man, or Eden, or even an earth. And God called all those things that were not as though they were. It all existed in His faith. It was just as real to Him as if it was already here.

I try to comprehend these things so I can bring them down to where I’m living. There are things I must have in order to obey God, but I can only get them by faith—or by calling them as though they are. That’s what God does.

I am a product of that. Before I ever was, God called my spirit into being. Three months before I was born, my mother made a vow to Him. While she was going to pray for a little child with pneumonia who was not expected to live through the night, she told God, “If You’ll heal this little boy tonight, when my baby son is born, I’ll give him to You. I want him to be a preacher for You.”

I was born a stutterer, but she always said, “Someday you will preach the Gospel.” I said, “Mama, I can’t even talk.” But she saw it and called by her faith that which was not.

What is it in your life today that “is not?” It’s in your dreams and in your heart, but it doesn’t exist. There’s no other way to bring it into existence except to call it by faith, using your faith like God uses His.

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