Lindsay Roberts

Psalm 37:23 says, The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. One of the greatest things I’ve learned over the years is to let God set my priorities and order my steps each day.

The Lord requires certain things of me, just as He does of you. So I start every day by asking Him, “Lord, what are Your priorities for my life today? What are my marching orders? What do You want me to accomplish?” To be honest with you, sometimes what He tells me to do is not what I would choose to do myself! However, I’ve found that when I begin my day like that, things often begin to fall miraculously into place.

Several years ago the Lord spoke to my spirit and told me not to go out to lunch with friends. That upset me because I enjoyed having a few minutes to get away once in a while. God said, “No, I want you to stay home and pray.” My husband Richard was going through a difficult time, and it wasn’t long before I understood why God had told me to spend extra time in prayer.

Now, I’m in a different season of my life, but I still ask God the same question every morning: “Lord, what’s on the top of Your list for me to do today?”

I encourage you to ask God that same question as you begin each day. When you do, and you follow in the direction He leads, I believe your days can go smoother.