From the archives of Evelyn Roberts

When our son Richard was about ten years old, he developed 22 warts on the inside of his hands. If he hit them on something, they’d bleed. One day I said to him, “Richard, I’m going to make an appointment to take you to the doctor and he’s going to burn off those warts so you don’t have to worry about them.”

When Richard heard the word “burn,” he was scared half to death. His father came home from a crusade a few days later and Richard told him. “Dad, I want to tell you something. Mother is going to take me to the doctor and have these warts burned off and I don’t want to go. I’m scared.” Oral said, “Well, Richard, after dinner, we’ll go into your bedroom and have a little prayer session about those warts.” That suited Richard just fine.

After dinner, they went into the bedroom and Oral said to Richard, “Now, Richard, when I pray, I want you to get a point of contact for your faith.”

“What’s that?” Richard asked.

“Well, you know that when you reach up here and switch the light switch on, the light comes on. A point of contact is something that you do, and when you do it, you let your faith go up to God. When I touch you, make that your point of contact and believe that God will heal you.” Richard said, “Okay, daddy, okay.”

They prayed, both of them believing God was going to heal Richard. As soon as the prayer was over, Richard waved both of his hands as if shooing something invisible up toward the ceiling and he said, “Faith, go up to God. Faith, go up to God.”

Then Oral said, “Now, forget about those warts. We’ve asked God to heal you, so forget about them.” Richard did. We didn’t discuss the warts. And three weeks later, Richard looked down at his hands one day and then came running in excitement to tell us, “No more warts! They’re gone!”

Do you have a need in your life today? Do you have a point of contact for releasing your faith? It may be a letter you write, a seed of faith you plant, a call that you make or a prayer you receive. Begin by saying, “Faith, go up to God!” Get a point of contact today and release your faith to God for your miracle.