Obey God Totally!

From the archives of Oral RobertsSecond of three parts

The Lord directed me to a very unusual illustration in II Kings 13 in order to drive home a message concerning Seed-Faith in a very practical application of His laws.

Matthew 10:41 says that when you receive a prophet, you receive the prophet’s reward. The prophet Elisha was trying to convey the supernatural intervention of God. The enemy Syrians had more powerful, capable men than the Hebrew King, Joash. But, by calling on the Word of the Lord, Elisha knew that victory could be won by the Hebrews if they obeyed the man of God. In a very simple yet powerful illustration, the prophet told King Joash to take his arrows and smite them against the ground in representation of the number of victories over the Syrian army. King Joash obeyed, but only in part.

The prophet told the king to smite the ground to represent victory in battling against the Syrian army, but the king smote the ground only three times. The prophet said he should have struck the floor five or six times, until the army was defeated or the job was done; until the battle was over and he was victorious.

And that is what God showed me is happening with many Christians today concerning every area of obedience, and particularly in the area of giving. They are obeying, but only in part.

Then He showed me the great danger in obeying the prophet only in part. Some, like Joash, would obey only in part. But sad to say, partial obedience and halfhearted expectancy will never lead to total victory.

We must obey God completely, not partially; completely―at any cost―no matter what the world prints or says or writes or thinks about God’s people. WE MUST OBEY GOD TOTALLY!

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