Our Helper, Our Comforter

Richard Roberts

The Bible teaches us clearly that the Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus to all of His followers ― including you and me today ― as a divine Paraclete, which means a Helper or Comforter. (See John 14:16.) I believe these two words “helper” and “comforter” work together. We are comforted when we have someone close to us who will speak words of comfort in times of trouble or stress.

In Isaiah 41:10, God says, “I will help thee.” Note that word “will.” It is God’s WILL ― His sure promise, His heart’s desire ― to help us.

God did not say, however, “I will do it for you.” Neither did Jesus say that the Holy Spirit would come to do our work for us, make our decisions for us, or take our actions for us. He is here to HELP us.

It is when we start to take action with our faith ― planting our seeds of faith, taking the first step, opening our mouths to speak the first word ― that the Holy Spirit HELPS us to have the strength, ability, and skill to get the job done… and done right. But, unless we make the first move, He cannot act on our behalf.

Make a move toward God. Plant something of your life today as a seed for God to multiply. Do it, and trust the Holy Spirit to be your divine Helper and Comforter.

“Who is that Greater One?” you may ask. He is the Holy Spirit!

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